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Baby Gates – How To Buy Baby Gates

If you have a toddler at home it is very important that you have to protect them from all kinds of accidents around the house. Sometimes this can be so stressful if you are not rightfully equipped. The best solution to go over this concern is through the installation of the best baby gate for stairs and other areas that you do not want your baby to have access to due to potential danger.

With the advancement of modern technology, gone are the days when the designs are limited to the accordion styles and the materials can cause other problems. Today, there are so many specially built gates to choose from to ensure maximum safety and security. They can also be solid as the door itself.

In order for you to shop for the best gate, the following points should be kept in mind while shopping around.

There are different types of gates and each of them is used in different places. So decide first where you are going to use the gates. For instance, if you are buying a gate for the stairs, then you should buy the hardware mounted type instead of the pressure gate type. This is because the former can be screwed into the wall either at the top or bottom while the latter can come loose if the child will vigorously shake or push it.

You also need to consider the width of the gate. This is essential when it comes to stairs and doors that are extra-large. For these types of areas, you need an extra wide gate, too, so that it can handle the pressure from your child’s pushing and pulling actions.

Aside from the width, the height is also taken into consideration considering the fact that all gates available in the market do not have the same length. Whenever you buy a gate, the rule is that it should not be lower than ¾ of your child’s height. To get the height of your child before buying one.